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"They received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so." ~ Acts 17:11

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Updated  02/01/12

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Noah's Animals

The Bottom Line

Are You Rapture Ready?  Breaking News

  • Even using a dial-up, 56 K modem, this is definitely worth the "load time"!  Turn up the volume!

Hang 10!

  • The 10 Commandments, not The 10 Suggestions! :-)

The Upper Room

  • Information on "The Prayer Room" with Dawson McAllister
    • Where there is always someone available to pray with you 24/7!

The End Times & Bible Prophecy

"Revelation: God's Word for the Biblically-Inept"  A study of the Book of Revelation by: Daymond R. Duck

  • Different Viewpoints Discussed
    • Pre-Tribulation?
    • Mid-Tribulation?
    • Post-Tribulation?
  • Part One is called "The Church Age" (Chapters 1–3).
    • We are now living in the Church Age, and it is almost over.
  • Part Two is called "From the Rapture to the Second Coming" (Chapters 4–19).
    • It will be a terrible time in which to live. Many prophetic signs indicate that it is drawing closer, so we need to learn what to watch for and what to do so we can avoid it.
  • Part Three is called "The Millennium and Beyond" (Chapters 20–22).
    • Some of the most precious verses in the Bible are found in these chapters. They are filled with inspiration and hope for the future.
  • Time Lines and Charts
  • Chapter Highlights and Aids
  • Questions to get you discussing, studying, and digging deeper.
    • Each question links to the appropriate answer.
  • Chapter Summaries of the most prominent points.

Bible Aids   "Facts, History, Information, Commentary and Study"

Christian Martyrs

  • Persecution of Christians in the 21st Century
    • Free subscription to "Voice of the Martyrs" newsletter

Apologetics for "Lion Tamers"

  • Books and information for the defense of our Christian faith

The Spirit of Truth vs The Spirit of Error

"911" emergency Numbers!

  • Christian Emergency Numbers may be dialed directly! 
  • No operator assistance is required! 
  • All lines open 24/7! :-)

Christian Reading

  • Suggested Christian reading material:
  • Bible Studies


    Personal Growth

    Evolution vs Creation





Christian Products

  • Christian wearing apparel
    • Including custom designed T-shirts and logos
  • Products
  • Odds and Ends.

Humor ~ Grins & Groaners!

  • A collection of short humorous stories. 
    • "Life is short, if they don't have a smile, give them yours!" :-)

Humor ~ One-Lines

  • A humorous collection of mostly one-liners:
    • Pithy, poignant, puzzling, practical platitudes and philosophies. :-)

Christian Websites

  • Suggested links to other Christian, informational websites.

Christian Internet News

  • Christian internet news, both good and bad: Bad as in direct attacks on our Christian faith and heritage in the USA and the world.

Click and ye shall be saved...

Spirited away: End is nigh for 'religion,' says research...

A shaky life for young without belief...

Moral issues drove voters...

Google bans Christian ad...

Building a family of faith...

A Christian business eye for the queer guy...

Air Force cracks down on Christian 'coercion'..

The problem of wealth...

Is it OK to hope anyone is in hell?

Christian company snubbed by University of Wisconsin...

A Neuroscientific Look at Speaking in Tongues

Student sues district over policy on religious statements...



Poignant Points to Ponder

  • A collection of Christian (very) short stories.  Please note, some of these "Fish Tales" may require a handy box of Kleenex! ;-)

The Station

Teach Me To Forgive...

The Old Fisherman

A Visit From The Christ Child

The Three Trees

Directions To Our Father's House

What Makes A Man Who He Is?

Change Begins With Choice

Your Choice

Candle Of Hope

Almie Rose

One More Attempt


A "Sappy" Holiday Message

Happy New Year 1998!

Veteran's Day 2003

God's Word Proves Itself Time and Again!

What Is A Veteran

Ice Cream

10 Things God Won't Ask You On That Final Day!

If I Had My Life To Live Over

Merry Christmas In 72 Languages!

Information, Please

What Are You Thankful For?

Instructions For Life

A Mouse Story

Kansas Senate Prayer

A Hairbrush

Living Example


The Fence


The Trouble Tree


Time Management


Hear The Music Before The Song Is Over


Isn't It Strange...?



Christian Articles

Christian Music

  • Suggested sources to purchase Christian music of all types
    • Contemporary
    • Gospel
    • Praise and Worship
    • Old Time Church Classics).

Who Is Christian Konnections?

Thank You!

  • Thank you for visiting the Christian Konnections website.  We sincerely hope and pray that the contents of this website will be of benefit to you!  May our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, truly bless you and keep you.
  • Contributions
    • Help defray the costs of hosting and maintaining this website
Noah's Animals

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